Big Sky Classic Motors Inventory

We are passionate about unique classic cars that can be driven and enjoyed. Expect to find classic imports, sports cars, trucks, campers, and or military vehicles in our inventory. We will post more vehicles as they are inspected for condition and reliability.

Currently we concentrate on Austin Healy, BMW, Datsun, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, MG, Porsche, Sunbeam, Triumph, Volvo, Volkswagen and Willy's vehicles. Recently we have purchased VW campers and have an MG in restoration.

All the vehicles that we sell have been fully inspected, are restored to a #2 or #3 condition, and are driven to ensure they are reliable and of course fun to drive! If we dont have fun driving a vheicle, we are not interested in selling it.

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1983 Porsche 911 SC (Super Carrera)

Mileage: 145k on Chasis, 12K on rebuilt motor
Engine: 3.0 liter 6cyl
Transmission: 5 speed manual transmission
DriveTrain: 2 wheel drive rear
Body Style: Coupe Sun Roof
Mike's Rating: 2B
Originality: Original engine, transmission, and interior. New paint in the original color.

This car is headed to a very excited buyer in Colorado after he flew-in and a beautiful and fun drive through the Bozeman area. I am very fortunate to have owned and driven this special high performance machine. Considered by many Porsche enthusiast, editors and reputable mechanics as the most desirable performance Porsche for all around pleasure driving. This garnet coupe is a beautiful restored, rust-free example in excellent condition. The car is a real head turner with a new professional paint job in 2006. A San Diego, CA car for most its life, it found its way to Bozeman Montana and the open roads of the Big Sky Country. The car is very quick, responsive and well sorted. Spare and original parts (air conditioning parts, original muffler, Cat. Converter, steering wheel, etc) are provided as I received them, but not installed.

1943 GPW

Private Collection NFS
1943 GPW in YNP
Mileage: 45,000
Engine: Inline 4
Transmission: Manual, 3 speed
DriveTrain: Rear wheel drive
Body Style: Jeep Style
Mike's Rating: 2B
Originality: Complete restoration, original engine, vehicle restored to new condition

This is one cool WWII Navy "Jeep". Refer to the main page of our site to read the story of this vehicle. If you are interested in obtaining a WWII Jeep or other vintage military vehicle, I can assist you with locating and appraising the condition and any other assistance you need. I have personally owned several and I am actively involved in the Montana Military Vehicle Club based in Bozeman, Montana and a member of the national Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Our local club restores, drives and display's many different types of vintage military vehicles and honor veterans who served using them to win our freedom.

1972 Datsun 240Z

Mileage: 168,500 on chasis. 80,000 on rebuilt motor and transmission
Engine: 2.4L 6 cylinder straight
Transmission: Original 4 speed manual
DriveTrain: Rear wheel drive
Body Style: Coupe
Mike's Rating: 2A
Originality: Original Transmission, engine, and interior. Original color, new paint.

This car went to new owner in Florida. A rare and very desirable numbers matching restored driver with all correct OEM components. Early series Z's are listed on most top 20 lists of cars to buy while you can with excellent investment upside. 1971 and 72 chrome bumper cars are considered by all collectors and car crazy "Z" guys to be the most desirable models. They are much lighter than 1973 models with no power robing smog control components. I searched long and hard throughout the west to find this one. The condition and owner history makes it very desirable. I performed a through mechanical, cosmetic, and rust inspection and I believe this is a car you can drive daily or weekends and enjoy for many years while your investment appreciates in value.

1962 Dodge M37 B1

Engine: 230 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder engine
Transmission: 4 speed Manual
DriveTrain: 4 wheel drive
Body Style: Folding windsheild, canvas top with bows and canvas covered box
Mike's Rating: 3B
Originality: Original engine, transmission, and mil-spec accessories with winch

This rugged 3/4 ton truck built to military specifications is ideal for recreational or utility work today. These trucks are very popular for ranch work, recreational use (hunting and 4-wheeling) as they literally go anywhere and can carry 7-8 passengers. Parts are readily available and reasonably priced. This is a rust free restored example in good condition and appreciating in value and demand.

1973 MGB GT

Mileage: 136K on car 1000 miles on new motor
Engine: 1800V 4 Cylinder 5 Main New Rebuild
Transmission: Original 4 speed with Factory Laycock Overdrive
DriveTrain: Rear Wheel Drive
Body Style: GT Coupe hardtop hatchback
Mike's Rating: #3 condition B collectability
Originality: matching numbers original drivetrain

This car was purchased by an avid British collector-driver in the Northwest. The car will be enjoyed and driven often - that's what its all about!

1967 Chevelle 300 Delux

Mileage: 4,000 on new rebuild, unknown on chassis
Engine: Chev 454 Roller Cam
Transmission: 700 R4 Built with Overdrive 4 speed on the floor
DriveTrain: 373 Eaton Posi Rear End
Body Style: 300 Delux Two Door Post
Mike's Rating: #3 condition B collectability
Originality: Stock body and Interior with all Mechanical Performance Mods

1967 Chevelle 300 Deluxe two-door post. Professional ground-up performance build on solid rust-free chassis with rare 300 Deluxe body style. This car is ideal for daily driving, weekend shows and cruses, it is very comfortable cruising down the highway with traditional bench seats, and it is very fast and dependable when you want to play. Mechanically very Strong and sharp in appearance.

1949 Dodge Power Wagon (B 1 PW 126)

Under Restoration
Mileage: 000001
Engine: 230 cu in Flathead 6 cyl
Transmission: 4 speed Manual with 2 speed transfer case and PTO
DriveTrain: Rear wheel drive and four wheel drive
Body Style: 2 door cab with 8 foot welded steel box
Mike's Rating: This is a restored #3. Original complete running truck, no rust issues, older restoration to military spec.
Originality: 80% is B1 PW 126, 20% is Early Military Dodge W.C., engine is an early 1941 military block (desirable), exterior lights include military marker lights in front, and M-series tail-lights in rear with WC front grill.

This is a very solid mechanically strong Power Wagon. The previous owner restored this truck in early O.D. green with military markings and equipment. The engine runs very strong with good compression, does not burn oil and has very few miles on rebuild. Bearing caps show very little wear. This truck climbs mountain roads extremely well!