Welcome to Big Sky Classic Motors

Located in the heart of Big Sky Country, Bozeman, Montana

Providing Affordable, Exciting, and Appreciating Classic Vehicles to be Driven and Enjoyed.

New cars today have an average price tag of about $30,000, attractive loan interest rates, and all the creature comforts you desire . Unfortunately, many American consumers find themselves up-side down in value and debt as the shinney wears off with their new car depreciating rapidly the moment they drove it off the lot.

The classic car market for desirable models (more than 25 years old) may be stronger today than ever as buyers take advantage of a modest adjustment in the market to capture the car of their dreams. Appreciating classics are not only a blast to drive but they are much easier to maintain, mechanically simpler, powerful, and many are efficient. Insurance and registration fees are generally much cheaper as well.

If you have a small family, there are many options such as classic wagons, vans or 4-seater performance models. So, the choice is yours. Now go live a little and have fun with your sensible investment!

My Story.....

When I was 10 years old, I learned to drive behind the wheel of our "family Jeep", a 1943 WWII Ford GPW my father and a friend had purchased at an auction in Montery CA for $200. They each ponied-up $100 and brought it home to use on hunting, fishing and camping trips. I dreamed of the day I could drive it to high school and I did until I purchased my first and very own classic in an estate auction. I was the successful bidder on a perfect 1957 Chevy Panel truck for $150. The truck was the hit of the school and faithfully served me well for several years. I drove it north to college but for some strange reason I cannot explain today, I sold it for over $4,000 cash. I just saw one listed for $20K. I have owned 40+ cars personally since that truck, each one a unique classic. So I guess you can say I have been a car guy since I first turned the key in that old Ford Jeep. I still have the jeep today (65 years in one family) after completing a frame-off nut-bolt restoration to insure it will always stay in our family and be driven.

You undoubtedly have a similar story and your own list of cars in your past you wish you still had, or that $3,500 Ferrari "driver" you passed on back in your teen's sitting in front of an import repair shop in your home town. I decided to quite talking about it and just do it.

Big Sky Classic Motors is an expression of that passion we all have for the classic motor cars we have owned or long desired. It would give me great joy to provide you with the vehicle that will recapture your youth and passion and turn a few heads in town on your Sunday drive. The type of cars I pursue for purchase and offer to you are solid, non-rusty western cars in a #2 or #3 driver condition (Vehicle Condition Scale - Old Car Price Guide 1-6 standards). The models I search for are found on many top collectable lists as hot today and future cars to watch or "Buy While You Can" lists in popular classic motor-sports magazines. I will continue to offer a variety of classic and unique sports cars, trucks, campers, and utility 4x4 fun vehicles such as: Porsche 911's and 356's, Datsun 510 and 240Z's, Sunbeam Tigers, MGB's, Triumph TR3, TR4, TR6's, Austin Healy's MkIII, BJ8, 100M and BN2's, BMW 2002's, 60's VW Beetle's and Camper Vans, Pickups, Karman Gia, Jaguar Mk1, MkII and XK Series, Volvo 1800 Coupe's and ES, Mazda Miata's, Military Jeeps (Willy's and Ford), Early Land Rover's and 1970's Ford Bronco's etc.

Every vehicle I offer can be used for daily driving, club events, rally's or just fun drives and weekend outings. I know because I personally drive and use every vehicle extensively before I offer it to you. I sort-out any issues they may have from just sitting too much in someone's garage and I perform thorough inspections and maintenance of each car in our shop before it goes out the door. For example; I am restoring a 68 VW Camper Bus that will be very desirable to a young family but my wife and I (and the dog) had to take it on a weekend camping/fishing trip first. In spite of a little rain, snow and mud, we had a blast! We may just keep it.