Classic Car Consignment

Do you have a classic car that you would like to see driving on the road rather than sitting in storage?

It doesn't matter if you are selling Aunt Nettie's classic MGB or you are an experienced collector; marketing and selling a classic car for its full value in today's market can be a tedious and time consuming process. You will never get full value advertising your car on Craigslist or in the newspaper. Let us take care of the whole process from picking up your car until we deliver your check.

We provide consignment for the same cars we sell: classic imports, sport cars, or military vehicles in #2-#3 condition. We are passionate about the cars we sell and believe they should be drivable and enjoyable. If your car does not fall into our condition guidelines we will refer you to our network of restoration specialists in the area. After restoration to #2 or #3 condition we will gladly sell your car for you.

For all consignments we provide the same full service that we do for our own cars. We provide:

Consignment fees are bases on selling price, transport of the vehicle to our location in Bozeman MT and actual cost for any needed repairs or parts. Contact us for an estimate for your vehicle.