1972 Datsun 240Z

Mileage: 168,500 on chasis. 80,000 on rebuilt motor and transmission
Engine: 2.4L 6 cylinder straight
Transmission: Original 4 speed manual
DriveTrain: Rear wheel drive
Body Style: Coupe
Mike's Rating: 2A
Originality: Original Transmission, engine, and interior. Original color, new paint.

This car went to new owner in Florida. A rare and very desirable numbers matching restored driver with all correct OEM components. Early series Z's are listed on most top 20 lists of cars to buy while you can with excellent investment upside. 1971 and 72 chrome bumper cars are considered by all collectors and car crazy "Z" guys to be the most desirable models. They are much lighter than 1973 models with no power robing smog control components. I searched long and hard throughout the west to find this one. The condition and owner history makes it very desirable. I performed a through mechanical, cosmetic, and rust inspection and I believe this is a car you can drive daily or weekends and enjoy for many years while your investment appreciates in value.

From what I can determine, I am the third "western" owner. The import shop mechanic I hired to inspect the car said "I haven't seen one in this good a shape in a long time and I inspect a lot of classic cars for our owner/buyer". We performed a rack inspection and compression test with excellent results. I really searched for serious rust issues and found none.

  • Numbers Matching Original Equipment performer (see photo's)
  • Data Plate (engine bay): Engine L24 - 069811, Car # HL S30 55340
  • Body Vin Tag (Drivers Windshield): HL S30 55340
  • Plate on Drivers door post: Body # HL S30 55340
  • Manufacture Month and Year: 11-71
  • Original 2.4L 6 cylinder with original 4 speed manual.
  • Recent re-paint to match original orange color (very sharp).
  • No serious rust in any of the usual places. Frame is very sound and structurally very strong.
  • 80,000 miles (one rebuild). Good compression in all cylinders (125-130 dry/warm). Does not burn oil, does not smoke. Runs out very strong.
  • Interior is excellent (new mats, carpet and rear deck carpet). Dash and seats are perfect. Small puncture tear in hood liner.
  • Aftermarket mag wheels (popular update in the 70's - very light weight
  • New Exhaust
  • Correct twin Hitachi one-barrel side-draft SU-like carburetors.
  • Original 4 speed (shifts quick and smooth)
  • New Brakes with running gear in great shape

Condition: #2 (Fine - well restored with original equipment and fresh motor). Collectability: "A" ( Rare, historically significant, stylistic, & competition history) NADA Collector Car Value: Aver Retail: $10,600 / High Retail: $19,200 Old Car Price guide (Kowalke 2010): #2 - $9,800 / #1 - $14,000 Location: Bozeman, Montana