1962 Dodge M37 B1

Engine: 230 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder engine
Transmission: 4 speed Manual
DriveTrain: 4 wheel drive
Body Style: Folding windsheild, canvas top with bows and canvas covered box
Mike's Rating: 3B
Originality: Original engine, transmission, and mil-spec accessories with winch

This rugged 3/4 ton truck built to military specifications is ideal for recreational or utility work today. These trucks are very popular for ranch work, recreational use (hunting and 4-wheeling) as they literally go anywhere and can carry 7-8 passengers. Parts are readily available and reasonably priced. This is a rust free restored example in good condition and appreciating in value and demand.

This truck was designed by Dodge in the early 50's during the Korean conflict. Dodge already had the successful WWII WC-series and this was built from that platform. The M37 series was designed as a multi-purpose 4x4 for cargo and troop transport with a pickup-style bed. Dodge used their 230 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder engine that was so successful on the WC series with long 4 5/8" stroke for high torque. These are great engines! The M37 could be operated in both two and four wheel drive with a high and low speed range. Production continued through 1968 in three distinct series until about 116,000 trucks had been produced. Aftermarket parts sources are readily available and reasonably priced.

This particular M37 B1 was built in 1962. It served with the U.S. Army for many years until it was acquired by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in Montana (estimated to be in the mid 70's). The CAP generally reconditioned all the vehicles they received. The truck was later acquired by a private party in Gardner, MT from the CAP who had it for several years then sold it to a collector and restorer of Military vehicles also of Gardner, MT who put over $3,500 into the truck including 5 new military tires, new canvas top etc. The engine compression was checked warm and dry showing consistent pressure at 90-95 lbs in each cylinder (throttle closed). The truck does not burn oil and it has the desirable Braden Winch and correct bumpers. The B1 series has the heavier wire harness and all lights work, even the night driving light. With the 24 volt sealed electrical system this truck could be easily set-up for deep-water fording with a snorkel exhaust.

BSCM research of OEM specifications for this vehicle:

These trucks are appreciating in value, the demand is increasing and the supply of nice trucks like this is limited.