1943 GPW

Private Collection NFS
1943 GPW in YNP
Mileage: 45,000
Engine: Inline 4
Transmission: Manual, 3 speed
DriveTrain: Rear wheel drive
Body Style: Jeep Style
Mike's Rating: 2B
Originality: Complete restoration, original engine, vehicle restored to new condition

This is one cool WWII Navy "Jeep". Refer to the main page of our site to read the story of this vehicle. If you are interested in obtaining a WWII Jeep or other vintage military vehicle, I can assist you with locating and appraising the condition and any other assistance you need. I have personally owned several and I am actively involved in the Montana Military Vehicle Club based in Bozeman, Montana and a member of the national Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Our local club restores, drives and display's many different types of vintage military vehicles and honor veterans who served using them to win our freedom.

Fully restored "turn-key" examples like this one or complete non-rusted originals run from $12,000 - $18,000. Expect to pay a little more if the jeep is decked out with correct trailer, canvas package, .030 cal gun (1919) with correct mount, correct WWII radio's etc.